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Week Three Answers: Oakland Raiders 23 Buffalo Bills 24

Q: How well does rookie RB Darren McFadden follow-up his 160-yard effort?

A: Hobbled with a toe injury, McFadden ran for thrirteen fewer yards than 3rd-string RB Michael Bush did, 42 to 55. He did catch three passes to Bush's one, though. Complicating the conclusion that the toe caused the reduced production relative to Bush is the fact the Bills' defense is very good and has nothing to fear from the Raiders' passing game - Johnnie Lee Higgins 84-yard TD reception notwithstanding.

Q: How well does Bills' RB Fred Jackson do?

A: Like a back-up RB and not like an integral member of a RBBC. He had five carries and one reception. While I never thought Jackson would eat into Marshawn Lynch's carries, I was curious whether FJax would take away possible receptions. No need to worry. Lynch caught four balls.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Lee Evans. He has zero TDs through three games and his QB Trent Edwards garners no fantasy attention. As a result, his 81.3 average yards per game and 20.3 YPC have been ignored.