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Week Three Answers: Kansas City Chiefs 14 Atlanta Falcons 38

Q: Will RB Larry Johnson be productive?

A: After whining about his usage, Larry Johnson produced when his number was called (unlike the previous two games.) He rushed for a 121 yards and a TD on 24 carries. Unfortunately, it was not enough to provide some comfort for QB Tyler Thigpen who completed just 14 of 36 passes - none of which went to Larry Johnson. Rookie RB Jamaal Charles did catch three, though.

Q: Can RB Michael Turner settle nicely somewhere between his Week One performance and his Week Two one?

A: Oh, yeah. 104 yards and 3 TDs on 23 carries is all anyone could hope for. Heck, if he had just a single TD, it would have been enough. He did not catch any passes out of the backfield, though. That limits his value somewhat as the Falcons' offense is not built to pass.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: TE Tony Gonzalez. While he has caught 15 passes in three games, his 129 yards will suppress his value. Who doesn' think a TE averging 43 yards a game isn't fungible?