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NFL Week Three: Top 10 Worst Rush Defenses

This is what fantasy footballers want! Which of my RBs have the best chances of going for 100+ yards and a TD or two. Here are the worst rush defenses in the NFL through the first two weeks. IF Atlanta Falcons' RB Michael Turner doesn't crack the 100-yard barrier against a porous kansas City Chiefs' rush defense, then Week one will be forgotten.

Despite a broken offensive line, who doesn't think Jacksonville's Maurice Jones-Drew doesn't have a good-to-great week against a poor Colts' pass rush that is without its heart and soul, Bob Sanders?

Ten Worst Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA
32 Detroit 220.5
31 Kansas City 213
30 Cincinnati 203
29 Houston 183
28 Indianapolis 181.5
27 St. Louis 154
26 New Orleans 147.5
25 San Diego 143.5
24 Cleveland 142
23 San Francisco 139