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NFL Week Three: Top 10 Best Rush Defenses

Given a RB need only score a TD (and catch a couple/three passes in PPR formats) to be a weekly contributor, going against the top rush defenses doesn't automatically send fantasy footballers to the free agent pool or their team's bench for a substitute.  However, it doesn't hurt to know which RBs are facing the tougher defenses in the event of a tie.

Nor does it hurt to know whether a QB will be forced to the air more frequently if his RBs have a less than favorable match-up as appears to be the case for Carolina Panthers' QB Jake Delhomme. Will RBs D'Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart move the chains against a stout Minnesota rush defense or will the Panthers be forced into the air to move the ball?

Ten Best Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA
1 Philadelphia 52
2 Tennessee 60.5
3 Pittsburgh 64
4 Baltimore 70
5 NY Giants 76
6 NY Jets 76.5
7 Minnesota 82
8 Chicago 83.5
9 Dallas 84.5
10 Arizona 90