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Who To Start? Brett Favre Or Aaron Rodgers

When the season began, I expected Brett Favre to be predicatably solid as a QB1 - 250 yards and 2 TDs per game. With a receving corps comparable to the one he had in Green Bay and a running game led by Thomas Jones, Favre looked like the answer for a 10-6 season.

At the same time, I believed in Green Bay's QB Aaron Rodgers enough to take him as my back-up QB. The first two weeks of the 2008 NFL season have proven that pick to have been a wise one. He throws the ball deep and hits his target unlike the Minnesota Vikings' QB. Plus, his young legs have taken him for 60 rushing yards through two games.

Now I am stuck. Favre was going to be my QB1 with Rodgers providing insurance in case Favre's age caught up to him via injury. But it appears Rodgers may be the better overall QB.