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Week Two Answers: New England Patriots 19 New York Jets 10

Q: How will the Patriots' offense look?

A: Bad.  While the final score and lack of turnovers could lead one to conclude otherwise, the Jets turned the ball over deep in their territory that resulted in a 31-yard NE TD drive along with a missed Jets' chip shot FG says otherwise.  Throw-in excellent starting field position (41 yard line), and one can see how the Pats escaped with the W.

However, QB Matt Cassell was mediocre with just 165 yards in the air.  The running game managed a 3.2 YPC on 33 carries only with the help of a solid second half from RB Lamont Jordan who rushed for 62 yards an eleven carries.

Q: Will the Jets offense looks as good as it did against the Dolphins - strong passing attack/good ground game?

A: No.  For whatever reason, the Jets passing game was unexciting.  Whether it is Brett Favre's unfamiliarity with the offense or Coach Mangini's inability to let him free style, the passing game couldn't complement an effective running game.  Three TEs at 3rd and goal?!?!

Fantasy Player To Watch: RB Lamont Jordan.  Quietly, Bill Belichick has made the Patriots' running game into the Broncos East.  At some point, a legitmate back will emerge.  It could be Jordan.