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Week Two Answers: Denver Broncos 39 San Diego Chargers 38

Q: How does San Diego respond to the loss of Shawn Merriman against an apparent offensive juggarnaut on the road?

A: By allowing 39 points, nearly 500 yards of offense and consectuive end zone scores to a rookie wide receiver. The Chargers' defense looks to be amongst the most over-rated of the pre-season expectations. The New York Jets come to the West Coast next week with a team whose skills players are on par with the Broncos.

Fantasy Player To Watch: TE Tony Scheffler. While Broncos coach Mike Shannahan sends fantasy players into apoplectic fits with his RB capriciousness, many do not recall that he named Nate Jackson the starting TE and sent Scheffler' draft stock into AIG territory. 130+ yards and 2 TDs later....