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Week Two Answers: Arizona Cardinals 33 Miami Dolphins 10

Q: Is TE Anthony Fasano as good as he produced in Week One?
A: Zero catches after eight in the previous game screams, "No!"  The Dolphins have serious problems in the receivng department.  With last year's 1st round pick, Ted Ginn Jr., showing nothing, the chances of the passing game improving to "mediocre" this year are shrinking.  The fact the running game was putrid again means the Dolphins are looking at a Top 5 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Q: Will RB Tim Hightower vulture another rushing TD?
A: Yes.  Hightower had ten carries and just 24 yards.  Fortunately for him, he scored a TD to out-produce Edgerrin James for the week.  If only Hightower was better than 2.1 YPC on the season, I'd warn of the impending doom of Edgerrin.

Fantasy Player To Watch:  RB Ronnie Brown.  His pass catching ability should preserve his value as a flex option as the bye weeks approach and his knee approachs 100%.