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Week Two Answers: San Francisco 49ers 33 Seattle Seahawks 30

Q: Are the Seahwaks as bad as they look?
A: Yes, they are.  Until QB Matt Hasselbeck gets WRs Deoin Branch and Bobby Engram back, the Seahawks will be one of the worst teams in the league.  That said, Hasselbeck has shown himself to be amongst the best QBs in the league.  Throwing to WRs signed off their cardboard boxes under the overpasses, he managed to complete 50% of his passes.  If you can, swing a trade for him.

Q: Will a 49er WR step-up?
While Isaac Bruce's 155 yards garners all the attention, WR Bryant Johnson caught six passes for 78 yards.  Assuming QB J.T. O'Sullivan becomes more comfortable, Johnson could be the 70+ reception WR fantasy footballers need to find in the free agent pool to survive the upcoming bye weeks.

Fantasy Player To Watch:  RB Julius Jones.  Another strong statistical effort like that, and no one need worry about a time share when Maurice Morris gets healthy.