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Week Two Answers: Washington Redskins 29 New Orelans Saints 24

Q: Without WR Marques Colston, which WR steps up as a legit fantasy option?

A: No wide receiver really stepped forward as a legitmate fantasy option, but David Patten did catch five balls.  With the byes portion of the NFl season beginning in two weeks, Patten could be a spot starter until Colsten returns.

Q: What will Washington's passing attack look like?

A: What a difference a week makes!  In Week One, QB Jason Campbell looked 3rd-string awful against the New York Giants.  Against a much weaker Saints' defense, he loooked like a legitmate Top 15 starting QB.  While I would find the decision of starting any of his wide outs a challenging one week to week, I can see Campbell settling in the 180-225 yards per week.

Fantasy Player To Watch:  WR David Patten