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Week Two Answers: New York Giants 41 St. Louis Rams 13

Q; Is Steven Jackson next season's Larry Johnson at the draft table?

A: Maybe. His team stinks and looks like it will be playing from behind often. He had 53 yards on 13 carries which is promising, but will the Rams be close enough to keep going to the running game? Fortunately, SJax is a good receiver. His seven receptions where a team-high despite just 37 yards. If he produces similarly, he will drop in next year's fantasy drafts. Whether it is to a Larry Johnson 12th or Frank Gore 9th is yet to be determined.

Q: Can Eli Manning look as good against the Rams as Donovan McNabb did?

A: He did. 20 of 29 for 260 yards and three TDs. Even with that excellent total, the Giants still rushed for 200 yards. Starting players against the Rams looks like a very viable fantasy strategy.

Fantasy Player To Watch: WR Amani Toomer. In PPR formats, Eli's binky is always good for a potential five catch/one TD game.