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Week Two Answers: Buffalo Bills 20 Jacksonville Jaguars 16

Q: How will Buffalo do on the road? 
A: Very well.  The team played nearly error-free offense and shut down defense.  That is a winning recipe for any team.  While nothing stood out on offense, one possible development is star RB Marshawn Lynch not playing a regular role in the passing game.  He had one reception versus back-up RB Fred Jackson's seven.

Q: Does Jacksonville have an offense?
No, and, until the offensive line is healthy, I'm not expecting much of one going forward.  The Jags will have to win by defense and ball control.  The issue is whether the o-line is good enough for the ball control part of that equation.

Fantasy Player To Watch:  WR James Hardy.  In TD-focused leagues, Hardy could be good for a TD every other week which would make him an 8-TD WR.