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Week Two Answers: Green Bay Packers 48 Detroit Lions 25

Q: Is Detroit's run defense as bad as it looked against the Atlanta Falcons?
A: No.  The Packers only gained 123 yards on 30 attempts with leading rusher Ryan Grant getting just 20 on 15.  That "no" doesn't mean much as 4.1 ypc will have teams running all game.  Scarier, though, is the Lions keep falling so far behind that they can't establish a running game - not that there is much evidence that the team has one - 62 yards in Week one against the Falcons and just 49 this week.

Q: Will Aaron Rodgers repeat his passing efficiency?
A: Overall, Rodgers was 24 of 38 passing the ball, but he was a much more efficient 16 of 20 in the 1st half.  I am sure defenses willa djust some, but Rodgers looks like a legitimate Top 10 QB now.  Bet the 49ers wish they had taken him instead of Alex Smith.

Fantasy Player To Watch: QB Dan Orlovsky.  With Jon Kitna throwing pick-sixes, don't be surprised to see Orlovsky get a chance.  With Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams at wideout, any QB would have a good chance of being semi-productive.