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NFL Week Two Things To Watch

Week Two of the NFL season is basically spent figuring if what happened in Week One will be representative of what will happen in 2008.  As a general rule, this applies to everything that I saw fantasy-wise in Week One, but I'm still looking for information to make future fantasy analysis easier.

Here is what I am watching for in each of this week's games.

CHI @ CAR  1:00 PM

Which road winner from Week One is for real?

TEN @ CIN  1:00 PM

How does Tennessee distribute the RB carries?  Is Cincinnati as bad as they appeared?

GB @ DET  1:00 PM

Is Detroit's run defense as bad as it looked against the Atlanta Falcons?  Will Aaron Rodgers repeat his passing efficiency?

BUF @ JAC  1:00 PM

How will Buffalo do on the road?  Does Jacksonville have an offense?

OAK @ KC  1:00 PM

Is the Oakland defense really bad?  Can Kansas City take advantage if it is?

IND @ MIN  1:00 PM

One of these teams is starting 0-2.  What will be the reason?

NYG @ STL  1:00 PM

Is Steven Jackson next season's Larry Johnson at the draft table?  Can Eli Manning look as good against the Rams as Donovan McNabb did?

NO @ WAS  1:00 PM

Without WR Marques Colston, which WR steps up as a legit fantasy option?  What will Washington's passing attack look like?

SF @ SEA  4:05 PM

Are the Seahwaks as bad as they look?  Will a 49er WR step-up?

ATL @ TB  4:05 PM

How well will the Falcons run the ball?

MIA @ ARI  4:15 PM

Is TE Anthony Fasano as good as he produced in Week One?  Will RB Tim Hightower vulture another rushing TD?

SD @ DEN  4:15 PM

How does San Diego respond to the loss of Shawn Merriman against an apparent offensive juggarnaut on the road?


If a game had been played:  Will a legitmate fantasy player emerge on Baltimore ex-Willis McGahee?  If rookie RB Steve Slaton starts, how does he do?

NE @ NYJ  4:15 PM

This is the most interesting fantasy game of the week.  How will the Patriots' offense look?  Will the Jets offense looks as good as it did against the Dolphins - strong passing attack/good ground game?

PIT @ CLE  8:15 PM

Anyone not watching to see how the Cleveland passing attack performs after the putridity of Week one thinks this is Week One.  As a matter of fact, add in how its defense does, too.

PHI @ DAL  8:30 PM

Is Philadelphia's pass defense as good as it looked against the Rams?  The Cowboys will provide the answer.  How well does rookie RB Felix Jones do in the follow-up to his successful debut?