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Start/Sit: Wide Receivers

In the first week, there were many wide receivers who under-performed what was expected of them. One of the tricks I use to try and time good weeks from wide receivers is to look at these under-performers and start them where I can. This is a rule-of-thumb but not a lock. It is possible these good WRs are actually hurt (see Marques Colston) and that contributed more to their under-whelming effort, but, more likely, the game plan for that player was successfully countered by the opposing team.

Look for the offensive coordinators to counter those, and here are the underachievers from Week One who I expect to have good games in Week Two. Assumption: Pre-season expected performances were correct.

Receiver Team Wk 1 Rec Wk 1 Yds
Torry Holt St. Louis 1 9
Santonio Holmes Pittsburgh 2 19
Braylon Edwards Cleveland 2 14
Laverneus Coles NY Jets 1 5
Chad OchoCinco Cincinnati 1 22
Larry Fitzgerald Arizona 3 31
T.J. Housmandezedah Cincinnati 3 44
Donald Driver Green Bay 4 38
Roddy White Atlanta 2 54
Devan Hester Chicago 1 7
Roy Williams Detroit 3 47
Mike Furrey Detroit 2 14
Ted Ginn Jr Miami 2 17
Reggie Williams Jacksonville 2 17
Chris Chambers San Diego 1 44
Amani Toomer NY Giants 2 2