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Notes From Yesterday: Clayton Kershaw, Johan Santana & Lastings Milledge

Has anyone noticed how well Los Angeles Dodgers' rookie LHP Clayton Kershaw has pitched lately? Over his past three starts, he has thrown 19 innings of one-run ball. That is more than enough to grab him and hope his four walks in last night's game have become the aberration. There is not enough time left in the season to hope for representative sample sizes.

ESPN Fantasy-predicted 22-game winner, Johan Santana, had his sixth win blown by the Mets' bullpen yesterday afternoon. With a 2.85 ERA on the season, one would hope he'd have more than 9 wins. After all, Brandon Webb of the Diamondbacks has 16 Wins to go with his 2.93 ERA.

Am I the only one more concerned about his drop his Ks more than his inability to see his bullpen wrap-up a Win? Or should I be more concerned about the Mets' bullpen?

Lastings Milledge hit his 10th and 11th HRs of the season. Based on his Spring Training talk of 30 SBs, one would have expected more from him by this point. Those two HRs get his totals into the "interesting' category. He leads the Nationals in that category and has 14 SBs to go with them.

So far, he has played in just 93 of the Nationals 115 games to date. With 47 games left, he could end-up being a surrpisingly good fantasy player with a 15+/15+ HR/SB season. Given his age and a projection over 162-games in 2009, I won't be surprised to see him projected to be a 20/20 player in 2009. That will be enough to get him selected in the 9th-11th rounds of fantasy drafts.