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Hello, We're Lying To You

Dolphins' Head Coach Tony Sparano all but admitted their official depth chart showing Josh McCown at QB1 is garbage.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano was quick to point out that the depth chart is ever-changing, and that second-year man John Beck and rookie Chad Henne haven't been ruled to start at quarterback for Miami's preseason opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Saturday night.

"I don't make much of it right now. It's something that we had to produce and put out there so we put it out there," Sparano said. "That depth chart in your hands right now won't be the same this afternoon, never mind tomorrow, so it's going to change every single day."

Thanks a freaking lot Sparano!

None of these guys are great options (or even good options or even decent options) but it would be nice to know who the QB1 will be heading into the fantasy drafts.  I don't see how this helps Ronnie Brown either.