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Hangover Edition - Favre, Walker, Marshall

Wow, a guy goes out and gets drunk on the weekend and the next thing you know, the world of fantasy football turns upside-down.  Just like my stomach.


Brett Favre, GBHe’s been reinstated, so he’s coming back.  Will he play for the Packers? Jets? Vikings?  Who knows?  If he goes to the Vikes or the Jets, he’s a QB1.  If he stays with the Pack, he’s not because they may start Rodgers just to make a point.  Or they may start Rodgers for a few weeks until they collapse under the pressure of a million insane cheeseheads calling for Favre to start.  Either way, make sure you have a legitimate backup plan if you draft Favre.

Brandon Marshall, Den – As expected, he was suspended for three games though he can reduce that to two games if he attends counseling.  I’m wondering though; counseling for what, exactly?  It doesn’t seem as though he’s on drugs or has a drinking problem or an anger problem. Is there counseling for being a douchebag?   Either way, the Broncos are going to be hurting for the first two weeks of the season.  Make sure your “legitimate Favre backup plan” isn’t Jay Cutler.

Javon Walker, Oak – Reports say that Walker wanted to retire earlier this season – even offering to give back $11 million of his signing bonus – but then was talked out of it.  Oh yeah, I’m sure he’ll be motivated this season, especially  as JaMarcus  Russell spends game after game after game overthrowing him or chucking the ball into double-coverage.  Fantasy football bloggers are all saying the same thing:

"For someone to discuss retirement, and then to come back and change his mind a day later, I'm worried a lot about it.

"I'm worried about where he's at mentally, because these things happen sometimes and they come back up again. Maybe they come back and it isn't necessarily for the right reasons."

Oh wait, that wasn’t a fantasy football blogger -- that was HIS FREAKING COACH!I'm more likely to spray champagne in a Las Vegas club than I am to draft Javon Walker this season.