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The Best Fantasy Player And Fantasy Sleeper: Chicago Bears

WCG of Windy City Gridiron, the SBNation's Chicago bears blog, brings you fantasy tips on the Bears.  You will be surprised by his sleeper.  A hint:  it is not RB Matt Forte.

Chicago Bears Best Fantasy Football Player:

It is hard to pick a fantasy stud from the Chicago Bears roster, especially given the roster of new starters they will be fielding.  That makes the Bears best fantasy option their D/ST.

True, they haven't looked their best in preseason, but they have loads of talent.  Starting with the likes of Brian Urlacher and Tommie Harris, but continuing to guys like Lance Briggs, Alex Brown, Adewale Ogunleye.  That even extends out to the secondary where Charles Tillman, Nathan Vashar and Mike Brown are all always around a loose ball.  With the type of defense the Bears play, it is not predicated on stopping an offense.  It has a high emphasis on takeaways and the big play.  Even in the Bears best years they were vulnerable between the 20s, but they always hung tough in the Red Zone.  The longer the opposing team is on the field the more opportunities they have to get those takeaways. 

All that and I haven't even touched the best special teams in the league.  Special teams coaches around the league are having nightmares.  Those nightmares of course start with Devin Hester.  Hester is 4 kickoff return TDs from holding the record for most in history and he is just going into his 3rd year.  Hester's role should decrease a little with his new wide receiver status, but not too much if the coaches are smart.  You'd think when Hester is getting a breather, teams would be salivating, but don't get your hopes up.  Hester fill ins, Danieal Manning, Garrett Wolfe and Earl Bennett have all shown the ability to pick up big yards.

Chicago Bears Best Fantasy Football Sleeper:

So I know you are all eagerly awaiting the Bears sleeper pick and you might laugh at first, but give me a few sentences to lay it out.  The sleeper pick is Kyle Orton.  The biggest thing that Kyle Orton brings is the ability to not make the mistake.  He has better pocket presence and does not get rattled like his predecessor, Rex Grossman.  The biggest knock is he has no arm and while he has a bigger arm than most give him credit for, does it matter?  With the return team the Bears bring to the game the Bears are playing on a 50-yard field.  On that length a 30 yard pass play is a bomb and Orton has very good touch at that distance.  While no one receivers is going to scare you the Bears do have tons of options.  Hester, Bradley and Lloyd all bring speed.  The Bears now have one of the deepest tight end corps with Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen and rookie Kellen Davis.  Marty Booker brings you the experience.  It is not far fetched that Orton could be a solid back up QB on your fantasy team.  Games of 250 yards and 2 TDs are not wild imagination any longer on this team.

2nd Opinion:  While we still don't know who the Bears starting receivers are going to be, Orton already has his favorite.  Going back to their playing days in the second string, Kyle Orton and Rashied Davis are playing catch out there.  They read each other very well and until Orton gets used to his new set of receivers Davis could be his main target.