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Tennessee Titans Fantasy Stud and Sleeper

Jimmy from Music City Miracles here.

There isn't a lot of meat on the fantasy bone when it comes to the Titans, which is why Yahoo! ranked them #31 in their Fantasy Juggernaut Index. 

The fantasy stud when it comes to the Titans is their defense.  They ranked in the top 10 last season in rushing, passing, total and scoring defense.  They have a stud defensive line that includes Pro-Bowlers Kyle Vanden Bosch and Albert Haynesworth to rack up sacks.  They also have some big time playmakers at linebacker and in the secondary that will get some interceptions.

The fantasy sleeper is rookie running back Chris Johnson.  Johnson proved in his first preseason game that he is going to be a special player by breaking a 66-yard TD run.  The Titans will use him a ton in both the running and passing game.  I am not going to say that he is the next Brian Westbrook, but he has a very similar skill set.