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Fantasy Baseball: NL All Power-Speed Team

How many of you focus your drafting efforts, whether in an auction or snake draft, on guys that give you that power/speed combo? I am sure many of us do. Why not? Who wouldn't want a 20-20 guy, 20 HRs and 20 SBs, at every position. Well, here is your NL All Power-Speed team for 2008, by position:

Player POS       HR      RBI       SB
Martin, Russell  C 12 56 12
Berkman, Lance  1B 27 94 15
Phillips, Brandon 2B 21 76 23
Ramirez, Hanley SS 28 60 29
Wright, David 3B 25 100 14
Kemp, Matt OF 15 67 29
Holliday, Matt OF 24 78 25
Hart, Corey C.  OF 19 80 22
Beltran, Carlos  OF 20 91 19

There are a couple surprises in this list, in my opinion. The first is Matt Holliday-who expected him to be on pace to steal 30+ SBs this season? Certainly not me. And Matt Kemp-I expected more power from him, but did not expect him to approach 40 SBs in his first full season.

Lance Berkman started the season on fire in both the power and speed categories, but has slowed down a bit in both since the All Star break.

A few other guys to watch in 2009:

Jayson Werth- the Phillies 4th OFer for much of the season. He hit his 19th and 20th HRs today, to go along with 13 SBs. He has accomplished this in little over 300 ABs, and Pat Burrell is a free agent after this season.

Nate McClouth- another power-speed guy to look out for next season. So far this season, he has hit 23 bombs to go along with 14 SBs. I think most people thought he would steal more this season. I know I did, but the power is there to stay as he also has 39 doubles to go with his 23 HRs.

Elijah Dukes- In 193 ABs, he has hit 8 HRs, and stolen 11 of 12 bases. If he can stay injury-free and play everyday, he could be a lock for 20-30 next season. He could team up with Lastings Milledge to give the Nats two 20-20 outfielders next season.

Jose Reyes-yes, that Jose Reyes. He isn't running as much as he had in the past, but his power numbers are jumping back to where they were two years ago. He has hit 13 HRs to go with his 44 SBs so far this season. He also has 33 doubles and 16 triples and his SLG number has improved from .421 in 2007 to .488 in 2008. He could easily reach 20-50 next season if a few more of those doubles turn into HRs, and they just might in the Mets new ballpark.

Mark Reynolds-he may strike out a ton, but he has very nice power numbers this season-25 HRs, 89 RBIs, and 9 SBs. He could approach 30-15 next season which is quite impressive should he move to 2b.