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The Best Fantasy Player And Fantasy Football Sleeper: Green Bay Packers

This is Brandon from Acme Packing Company, the SBNation's Green Bay Packers blog, and I've got my fantasy football sleeper and stud column for you.

While the Packers aren't in an elite fantasy class like Indianapolis' offense, their starters are all quality fantasy options that should be at least on the roster in every league, if not starting. Plus K Mason Crosby and the Packers defense should be solid fantasy options too. Should I risk an all-Packer lineup for my fantasy team?

Green Bay Packers best fantasy option:

RB Ryan Grant. He's probably giving everyone pause due to his contract holdout and hamstring injury. He played exactly one snap this preseason and didn't have a single carry. But his vision, his ability to see the running lanes, is real, and he's got great speed for his size. He'll never be an elite receiving back, but he should be good for 30-40 receptions. His injury should not be a concern, the Packers are often overcautious with hamstring injuries, and he'll be good in 2008. He'll have a poor week 1 game while he shakes off the rust, and struggles against Minnesota's stellar run defense, but he'll be good the rest of the season.

Green Bay Packers fantasy sleeper:

QB Aaron Rodgers. How good is he going to be? I've had my doubts about him for years, but he was nearly perfect this preseason. His stats have been up-and-down this preseason, but his poor game in San Francisco happened because his receivers dropped two huge passes and one of his usually solid veteran lineman had a game from hell. Even in his lone INT was the receiver's fault. Throw in Mike McCarthy's aversion to running plays and he'll match Brett Favre's 2007 stats.