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The Fake Teams Fanhouse League Drafts Today

As part of an agreement between SBNation and AOL, each SBNation football blog is hosting their own AOL Fanhouse Fantasy Football League.   Originally Fake Teams had been left out of this deal, but after a discussion with the SBNation Leadership involving torches and a pitchfork, they agreed to incorporate our Fake Teams League into the promotion.   That means our league is legitimate (which is nice) and the winner of the league is eligible for a great prize (which is nicer).  

I guess I should say the runner-up of the league is eligible for a prize, since I intend to win the title and I'm not eligible for the prize.  Ha!

I can't speak for our SBNation brethren, but the readers of this blog take fantasy football seriously, so we're providing a serious league.  Forget ten team leagues with team defenses.  If you're going to be that girly why not just pass out skirts and sign up to be John McCain's VP?  We're running a 16-team league with Individual Defensive Player (IDP ) scoring. 

Now this isn't going to be an easy league, but it will give Fake Teams a unique opportunity to share some strategies on both IDP leagues and large (12+ team) leagues.   If you've never played fantasy football with these rules, I highly recommend you go out and sign up for one right now.  There are public leagues with 14, 16 or more teams forming at right now -- for free! -- so there's no reason to wait.  We'll be providing updates on our 16 team league, which should give you some lessons learned for yours.  We'll also be providing an honest assessment of Fleaflicker, AOL's fantasy football provider.

In addition to myself (skeller) and the boss (faketeams), here are the 14 Fake Teams members that have taken up the challenge:















The draft starts at 1 pm Eastern.