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Fantasy Football Rankings - Tier 7 Wide Receivers

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Donald Driver, GB – He’s the experienced guy the inexperienced Aaron Rodgers will be counting on.  Driver knows the offense and the offense isn’t changing much even though Favre is gone.  Driver will get his 1000 yards and he’ll still only catch a handful of TDs.

Calvin Johnson, Det – It’s only his second season so it’s not a good idea to put too much  faith in him just yet, but he is going to be the best WR in fantasy one day.  For a rookie WR, 48 catches for 750+ yds is fantastic.  In fact, those are very similar to the numbers Larry Fitzgerald put up his rookie season – the next year he had over 1400 rec yards.  Same insane talent levels, same type of pass-happy teams playing catchup in most games….hey, I’m just saying.

Hines Ward, Pit – He seems to be healthy again so it should be all systems go.  I think the Steelers offense will be one of the best in the league, so I have to recommend Ward as a top-notch WR3.  He won’t go deep a lot, but he’s good for 5-6 receptions a game which makes him surprisingly valuable in PPR leagues. 

Roddy White, Atl – It’s hard to believe White finished tied for third in the NFC in receiving yards last season and that will make him the most underrated 1200 yd receiver in fantasy football.  The Falcons’ running game is much improved with Michael Turner and White connected well (282 rec yds, 2 TDs) with QB Chris Redman in four games last season.  And who knows, Matt Ryan might be a decent rookie QB.  He can’t be worse than the Harrington/Leftwich disaster, can he?   With Turner moving the chains, I think White is good for 1000 rec yds and 6-7 TDs, possibly less if Laurent Robinson really develops.