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Houston Texans: Fantasy Juggernaut and Fantasy Sleeper

Tim from Battle Red Blog:

I know, I know...who do the Texans have that could possibly be worth a damn for fantasy purposes? Two words, my friends: Ahman. Green.

I jest. I wouldn't draft Ahman Green if my life depended on it. And neither should you. He probably just broke a nail while reading this; that'll keep him out ten (10) weeks, easy. But down to business. The best fantasy option on Houston's roster is:

Andre Johnson (WR): You knew I was going here. For my money, 'Dre is one of the top three (3) WRs in the league, if not the best WR in the NFL. Yes, he missed seven (7) weeks last year with a knee sprain, but he's no injury risk; that's the first time he's missed any real time since he was drafted. And don't underestimate how many balls are heading his way; before last year's injury and after he returned, Andre Johnson was Matt Schaub's favorite target. The Texans haven't shown any ability to consistently run the ball, so you know they're taking to the air early and often this season. Bottom line: Expect a ton of yards and a ton of TDs from Andre Johnson. He's a legitimate No. 1 WR on any fantasy roster.

And my fantasy sleeper from the Houston Texans is:

Matt Schaub (QB): Last season's numbers aren't spectacular; I'll give you that, though that was wholly due to some missed games due to cheap shots (I'll always hate you, Drayton Florence). I fully expect, however, that The Schaub is going to stay upright and productive all year. Pencil him in for 3,500 yards and 20+ TDs. Even better, you should be able to pick him up after most of the alleged surefire fantasy QBs are off the board. I promise you he won't let you down. Well, he better not, because I took my own advice and drafted him last weekend. God, I'm a homer.