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Fantasy Baseball: ESPN's Jason Grey

For those of you in roto/fantasy leagues where you get to draft and keep minor leaguers, Jason Grey's chats over at are a must read. He is a graduate of the MLB scouting program, as well as both a Tout Wars and LABR champion. In addition to answering general fantasy baseball questions, he answers alot of questions on  minor leaguers with a fantasy spin.

Here's a few from recent chats:

Brandon (OC, CA): What major league position will Brett Wallace play? What's his ETA? He's been absolutely RAKING in the minors (small sample size, I know, but WOW!). Thanks and keep up the good work!

SportsNation Jason Grey: Wallace can stick at third, and yes, he's going to rake. Late callup next season, starter by 2010 - BUT Glaus' contract is up so you never know.

Steve (SD): I have first pick amongst the most recent MLB do you rank the top 3 fantasy-wise?

SportsNation Jason Grey: Assuming quicker path to the majors is a factor, Wallace, G Beckham and Posey. T Beckham has the best chance to turn into a superstar, though he'll be in the minors quite a while.

He seems pretty high on Wallace especially since the Cardinals moved him up to AA after drafting him THIS year.

Jon (Elkhart, Ind): What current minor league position players do you project to spend significant time in the majors next year? Wieters, LaPorta, Alcides Escobar, Gamels, Coghlan, etc.?

SportsNation Jason Grey: Wieters, Rasmus, Maybin, and McCutchen are pretty close to the top of the list.

Wieters, Maybin and McCutchen are pretty much locks as the Marlins will probably trade a few of their arbitration eligible hitters, and McCutchen is ready to take over CF in Pittsburgh after spending all season in AAA Indianapolis.

McCutchen may also see some playing time in September at the expense of the slumping McClouth:

Alan (New York City): Is it safe to send McClouth to waivers? Is it true that he will be rested a bit in Sept.?

SportsNation Jason Grey: Between the slowdown in production and the rumors of rest in favor of some PT for McCutchen, I wouldn't have a problem with sending him out.

and his thoughts on 2b prospects-no mention of Matt Antonelli:

Scott, Groton CT: Who's the best hitting 2nd base prospect within a year or two of the majors right now?

SportsNation Jason Grey: It is a very, very thin crop compared to other positions. My bet is it winds up being a converted shortstop of some sort. I will say I like Chris Coghlan as a sleeoer for fantasy purposes, and I'd watch if Gordon Beckham starts playing some 2nd at the AFL.

if you're looking for general fantasy baseball chats, Erik Karabell is probably one of the better fantasy baseball experts along with Matthew Berry, but I rank Jason Grey right up there with both of them as he provides valuable insight into the fantasy baseball value of minor leaguers....that is, if we're ranking the so called ESPN experts.