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Finding Fantasy Football Gold: Denver Broncos

The Sports Guru of Mile High Report brings his fantasy tips for the Denver Broncos:

It's been years since the Denver Broncos have been a "friend of fantasy".  Since the days of Terrell Davis, Mike Shanahan has annoyed fantasy owners with his revolving door of running backs.  Every year, friends of mine that play fantasy football ask me who the running back in Denver will be.  Everyone knows there is gonna be a Bronco that rushes for 1200 yards and is the reason a team wins a FFL title and they all want him. 

 That changed a bit last year with the complete failure that was Travis Henry.  No Bronco running back eclipsed the 1000 yard mark and fantasy owners were left scratching their heads.  Was this the beginning of the end for the Broncos as a relevant fantasy option?  Not so fast!

2008 provides fantasy owners several big-time fantasy options to not only fill their rosters, but their starting lineups every week.  Here are a couple "locks", as well as a guy you should keep your eyes on in the later rounds.  You won't be disappointed.

Broncos Fantasy Studs

1.  WR Brandon Marshall -- This is the season Brandon Marshall becomes a household name in the world of Fantasy Football.  Last season, Marshall was 5th in the NFL in Receptions(102), 6th in Yards(1325) and 7th in Yards per Game(82.8).  Oh, and he added 7 TDs.  That is the number that will make him a Fantasy Star in 2008.  Jay Cutler is healthy and Brandon Marshall is his favorite target.  So far this pre-season, Cutler-to-Marshall has been unstoppable.  Because lessor-skilled fantasy players will look purely at Marshall "low" TD count he could be a steal in teh 2nd or 3rd round.  If he's there, GRAB HIM!  It's true he could miss the first three games, look for the suspension to be reduced to 1.  A solid WR option each and every week.


2.  QB Jay Cutler -- Cutler is entering his 3rd year in the NFL and his 2nd as the full-time starter in Denver.  2007 was an up and down season for Cutler, and in the spring we found out why when it was announced Cutler had Type 1 Diabetes.  Even with the disease, which led to the loss of 30 pounds during the season, Cutler still threw for 3500 yards and 20 TDs.  Now completely healthy, Cutler is set to explode.  Cutler has been nothing short of spectacular this pre-season, completing 70% of his passes and throwing 3 TDs.  Yes, it is the pre-season, but he's done it against some pretty good defenses in Dallas and Green Bay.  While fantasy owners differ on the value of a QB, Cutler remains a solid option, especially in a season where QBs that are traditional fantasy powers have injury concerns.

Broncos Fantasy Sleeper

RB Andre Hall -- There has to be a Broncos player on this list, right?  I am going to go with Hall because it appears he will get most of the opportunities to score TDs for the Broncos this season.  So far in Training Camp, Hall has been called upon in short yardage and goal-line situations.  Of course, he also has the ability to carry the rock as the starting HB, but the Broncos seem convinced that the 2-back approach is best to start the season.  Hall would be a solid late round choice, especially if you play in a league with 3 starting RBs.

Broncos Player To Avoid

RB Selvin Young -- Avoid the temptation.  You are going to hear that Young is the starting HB and that is true.  But for the same reasons I gave to include Hall as a sleeper I give you Young as a guy to let someone else take a chance on.  Young does possess home run speed and ability, but has proven unreliable in the red zone and short yardage.  Before rookie Ryan Torain was hurt, it appeared Young was going to be beaten out by the former Sun Devil.  Young also has concerns in the durability concerns and has yet to carry the ball over 250 times in a single season at any level.  That isn't Fantasy worthy.  Keep an eye on Young, however, as a guy you could grab off the waiver wire during the year.