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Fantasy Football Rankings - Tier 6 Wide Receivers

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Jerricho Cotchery, NYJ – I wrote earlier that he had roughly the same stats last year with Pennington/Clemens as Donald Driver had with Favre.   Cotchery has tons of talent so I expect him to (at least) triple his 2 TDs from last year, but don’t expect the second coming of Reggie Wayne when it comes to receiving yardage.  

Marvin Harrison, Ind – All signs point to him being healthy and ready to start the season.  He’s lost a step or two though, so let somebody else draft him for his decade of name-recognition. Name-recognition probably isn’t scored in your league.  He’s good for 1000 yards and maybe 8-9 touchdowns though, which would make him a nice WR2.  Keep in mind he still has some legal issues hanging over his head

Brandon Marshall, Den – If you’ve been reading these WR rankings you may have been thinking “Where the hell is Brandon Marshall?!”  Well here he is, way down here in Tier Six.  Marshall had a breakout season last year (1325 rec yds) but a series of off-season mistakes and injuries led to a suspension of between 1 and 3 games.  It still doesn’t seem as though his head is on straight though and the Broncos offense doesn’t have much room for error as it is. Their once-vaunted running game is a mash-up of guys you don’t know and there’s a big risk Denver is descending into a one-dimensional offense.  Marshall is still a good fantasy option, but if he flamed out into an 800 yard season it wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Santana Moss, Was – I think Moss is a great candidate for a breakout season.  He has new receivers to take some of the pressure off, a QB who’s a breakout candidate himself, a great rushing game and a new coach who’s installing a new passing offense. All the pieces are there for a 1200+ yard, 10 TD season.  That’s not a prediction, but that’s the upside.  The prediction is 1000 yards and 7 TDs, which is good enough to get the job done.