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MLB Trade Rumors: Dodgers to sign CC??

It is early to discuss free agent rumors, but John Perrotto from the Baseball Prospectus had an article out yesterday where he mentioned in his NL Rumblings section that the Dodgers are planning on making a big push to sign CC Sabathia in the offseason. Sabathia is from California, and is rumored to want to play closer to home, so LA is a possible destination.

Adding Sabathia to a rotation that includes Chad Billingsley, Hiroki Kuroda and Clayton Kershaw may be the best in the NL next year. Billz is on the cusp of becoming an ace, and Kershaw has the potential to be an ace, so adding Sabathia would give the Dodgers a starter who is already a dominating ace.  LA needs someone like CC to compete against the likes of Brandon Webb, Dan Haren, and Jake Peavy. Billz should continue to pitch well, but he is not seasoned enough to go head to head against these pitchers and expect to win.

After reading this rumor yesterday morning, I just had to ask Will Carroll his thoughts on this rumor in his afternoon chat, and thankfully he obliged, BUT:

raygu1 (burlington, nj): Will-thanks for the chat. John Perrotto thinks the Dodgers will make a push for CC this offseason. Would teaming CC, Billz, Kuroda and Kershaw together form the best rotation in baseball? Who will be better long-term: Kemp or Justin Upton?

Will Carroll: Hmm. Sabathia at the head of any rotation is darned good. Not sure it's the best ... the Rays young staff will all be back, with Price and maybe Davis. Twins staff is really good, but lacks that "ace" unless Liriano comes all the way back. Giants could be outrageously good if Bumgardner pushes his way up next year and Sanchez comes back.

Sanchez?? Bumgardner? Will mentioned he was smoking a cigar, maybe it was laced with some halucinogen? Bumgardner is at least two years away, although he has dominated in single-A this year, but what has Jonathan Sanchez accomplished this year? He has started 24 games, 8 wins, 4.53 ERA and a 1.41 WHIP. Not bad, but certainly not enough, in my opinion to top the potential LA staff with Sabathia. I know the Rays and Twins have some solid young pitchers, but none are close to Sabathia.

The Dodgers have alot of contracts coming off the books this offseason including Derek Lowe, Rafael Furcal, Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent, and possibly Brad Penny. That's about $50 million in salary that can be used to sign CC,and to fill other needs. They also need a power-hitting 3bman to replace Blake. Where are you Adrian Beltre?? Seattle appears to be dumping may be next. Ned, are you listening?

 It is assumed LA will replace Kent with Blake Dewitt or Ivan Dejesus at 2b, hopefully sooner rather than later. They also need to sign a SS-Rafael Furcal wants to stay in LA, so he may be the answer as long as he is healthy and affordable.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has been rumored to be having money problems after including some top prospects in trade deadline deals for Casey Blake and Manny Ramirez to ensure that LA did not take on anymore salary. Now why would he go out pay Sabathia a gazillion dollars if he has money problems? Well, maybe its a rumor, and he is saving his sheckles for some CC Gold?? Dodger fans can only hope.