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The Best Fantasy Players And Fantasy Football Sleeper: San Francisco 49ers

Fooch from Niners Nation brings you fantasy tips from the San Francisco 49ers and included is a name for the WR who will mkae fantasy footballers believe in the magic of Mike Martz.

San Francisco 49ers Best Fantasy Player:

Joe Nedney, Fantasy God....ok I'm just kidding.  Without a doubt, Frank Gore is the man that makes this offense go and the man who will provide the greatest fantasy production.  Gore struggled a bit last year due to an otherwise inept offense and a particularly bad offensive line.  Many fantasy magazines have predicted less than stellar things from Gore.  In my last fantasy draft he dropped to the 2nd round. Well, take my word on this, Frank Gore is going to have a monstrous fantasy season for two reasons:

1) The offensive line's poor 2007 performance was an aberration.  Eric Heitmann was coming back from a broken leg and Larry Allen struggled with the big fork sticking out of his back.  The offensive line has shown cohesivness not see since the dominant 2006 o-line.

2) Four words: Mike Martz/Marshall Faulk: Gore has been the leading pass-catcher for the 49ers the last two years and this figures to go up with the Martz offense.  If you're in a point per catch league, I think Gore is up there with a guy like Westbrook in terms of overall value.  I don't think 2,000 total yards of offense is out of the realm of possibility.

San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Sleeper:

Josh Morgan is a guy you can take with your last pick or snag off waivers without any problems (until people read this of course).  Morgan was a 6th round draft choice out of Virginia Tech who slipped due to some character concerns.  While he was shutout in the 3rd exhibition game, he was the 49ers leading receiver the first two weeks and has shown a great chemistry with new 49ers QB J.T. O'Sullivan (possible another sleeper).

Morgan went from fighting for a roster spot in July to fighting for the starting split end position now.  Bryant Johnson was brought in to be the X receiver opposite Isaac Bruce but he just returned to practice yesterday, for the first time since August 4.  Even if he starts the season at the X, it's entirely possible Morgan is starting at some point this season.  Morgan has the combination of size and speed to be an impact receiver in this league.  It's too early to say he's the next Marques Colston, but if it does happen, you heard it here first.

We'll be keeping plenty of tabs on Morgan, Gore and everybody else over at Niners Nation.