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The Best Fantasy Player And Fantasy Sleeper: New York Jets

Without a New York Jets blogger, I am stepping to the plate to pinch-hit.  Here is who I think is the Jets' best fantasy player and a fantasy sleeper.

New York Jets Best Fantasy Player:

QB Brett Favre has made the Jets' QB relevant after years of weaker-armed brethren lined-up under center.  But he isn't the Jets' top fantasy player.  That player is WR Jerricho Cotchery who will take the 80+ reception ability developed under those weaker-armed QBs and power-boost it with the gun-slinging, bomb-throwing Favre.  Cotchery may not catch much more than those 80 passes, but his yards and TDs will be way-up.  A Braylon Edwards-like breakout is possible.

New York Jets Fantasy Sleeper:

One can easily claim RB Leon Washington as a sleeper this season. He sits behind Thomas Jones, who is entering his 9th NFL season, but one would be forgetting free agent signee Jesse Chatman if one though Leon would get the majority of rushing attempts if Thomas Jones began showing his RB age.  My pick for fantasy sleeper is 3rd-year WR Brad Smith.  Watching him haul in the bullets from Favre in Saturday's exhibition against the New York Giants convinced me he has the hands to be a #3 WR in the NFL.  With his speed and flexibility, I wouldn't be surprised to see a season with 50 receptions and 800 yards with a handful of TDs.