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The Best Fantasy Player and Fantasy Sleeper: Buffalo Bills

The general rule of thumb for fantasy owners with hopes of being successful has been to avoid the majority of offensive Buffalo Bills players (pun absolutely, albeit lamely, intended).  Don't expect much to change this year.

Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings brings you additional fantasy tips for the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills Best Fantasy Player

This is without a shred of doubt running back Marshawn Lynch.  How can it not be?  He's young, tough, the centerpiece of Buffalo's offense, and a finisher in the red zone.  No other NFL running back had more carries per game than Lynch's 21.5 - so you know he's going to get the work.  Offensive coordinator Turk Schonert has implemented a new offensive scheme that splits Lynch out wide as well, so all you PPR folks don't need to shy away from the kid either.  If things go well, Lynch may be poised for fantasy dominance.

Buffalo Bills Fantasy Sleeper

Lynch's handcuff, Fred Jackson, is an excellent fantasy sleeper this season.  He's going to see a lot of work even when Lynch is healthy - particularly in the passing game - and he should make PPR owners very happy as the Bills' complement to Lynch.  He caught 22 passes to Lynch's 18 this year; there have been whispers that Schonert would like to get Jackson in the neighborhood of 50 catches this season.  He'll be used a lot, and it shouldn't cut into Lynch's production much.  Jackson is well worth a late-round pick whose value skyrockets should Lynch get dinged up.