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Fantasy Football Rankings - Tier 4 Wide Recievers

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Andre Johnson, Hou – Last season I touted him early, then he went off (262 rec yards and 2 TDs in his first two games), then I bragged about how I touted him early, then he got hurt and missed seven games. That’ll teach me.  Even with that injury, Johnson finished with 851 rec yards and 8 TDs.   Johnson still has some injury worries this preseason but if he comes back healthy 100 receptions and 1200+ rec yards are practically a lock.

Torry Holt, StL – I think the loss of Issac Bruce is going to hurt Holt more than people think.  Bruce was no longer a top-notch WR, but even an older, slower Isaac Bruce demanded attention on every play.  Does Drew Bennett?  Dante Hall?  I think not.  Holt is still a WR1,  but expect stats around 1100 rec yards / 7 TD instead of the 1300 rec yards /  11 TD he used to regularly put up.

Chad Johnson, CinIs it all an act, or what?  He’s a great fantasy wide receiver, but he’s not a reliable fantasy wide receiver.  Drafting him as your fantasy WR1 could turn out to be a huge mistake.  I just can't recommend him.

Roy Williams, Det – This guy has so much talent it’s practically a crime the Lions don’t throw to him even more than they do.  He only played 12 games but still came up with 838 rec yards and 5 TDs.  If he stays healthy for the entire season, he’s a contender to lead the NFC in receiving yards.