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The Best Fantasy Football Player and Fantasy Sleeper: Philadelphia Eagles

In the final installment covering the four NFC East teams, JasonB from Bleeding Green Nation brings you fantasy tips from the Philadelphia Eagles.  Click for the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Washington Redskins.

Philadelphia Eagles best fantasy player

Frankly, if you don't know who this you probably shouldn't play fantasy football

It's Brian Westbrook. He's got a big new contract and will once again be the focus of the Eagles offense both through the air & on the ground. Last year he had 1,300+ yards on the ground, 90 catches(for almost 800 yds), 12 total TDs... If you aren't picking in the top 3 or 4 you'll likely have no shot at him.

Philadelphia Eagles fantasy sleeper

There's a few options here but the guy I'd go with it is TE LJ Smith. LJ is coming off a really poor year where he spent most injured and not playing or injured and not playing well. He's back healthy this year and playing under the franchise tag, so he should be super motivated playing for his first big contract. LJ has always been a guy with the tools and skill to be one of the better TEs in the league, but for various reasons has never broken into that top tier. One of the reasons I always cite is Donovan McNabb. Since he took over as the starting TE(somehwere in the 04 season) LJ's numbers in games playing with McNabb are near Pro Bowl level, but then when McNabb has gotten hurt his numbers have taken a sharp nosedive. Last year when McNabb finally stayed relatively healthy, it was LJ's turn to get hurt. So with McNabb healthy this year and LJ healthy/motivated he's going to be a focus of the offense... and could be a real steal for fantasy players later on.