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The Best Fantasy Player And Fantasy Sleeper: Washington Redskins

Before I crash and fail fair warning: I haven't played fantasy football in like two years and I was always lousy at it when I did. For reasons unknown to me, that's why I'm the resident Redskins FF expert. A better way to read the below, perhaps, is to take this as anti-advice. If I'm big on, say, Clinton Portis, maybe you should drop his value a few rounds to be safe. So, enjoy, but not really.

Skin Patrol from Hogs Haven brings the Washington Redskins' fantasy tips.

Washington Redskins Best Fantasy Player:

Hardly a controversial pick but it would have to be Clinton Portis, who remains the only fantasy producer on offense with an unchanged role heading into the 2008 season. Jason Campbell might very well develop into a quality fantasy football QB, but there's a lot of uncertainty given the new offense, new head coach, etc.

I can't very well endorse Santana Moss for a few reasons, starting with he simply hasn't been that good of a fantasy WR since 2005. He also must now compete (potentially) with newcomers Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly for passes, which will probably become more of a premium now that we have a full set of receivers.

The addition of Fred Davis on offense is the reason Chris Cooley isn't mentioned here, but I predict it will have only a marginal impact on his fantasy numbers. Portis, barring injuries, is still the starting RB, will still see a majority of the carries in all down and distance situations, including goal line, and thus should have little trouble amassing a very solid season. If he plays something like 16 games next year, he's good for 1300 yards and at least 10 touchdowns.

Washington Redskins Fantasy Sleeper:

Confusion as to who will emerge as the #2 WR to Santana Moss could aid prospective fantasy owners in snagging a steal late in the game because no one really knows who will finish the 2008 season at that position. Is Antwaan Randle El going to go before Malcolm Kelly going to go before Devin Thomas? Ostensibly one of them ends up as the #2 guy and if you can pick correctly in the later rounds of the draft you'll be the business. Both Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly have disappointed thus far in the offseason which will drop their stock...

If I had to choose between the two of them I'd go with Malcolm Kelly, as he's the more NFL ready receiver in route running and size. Devin Thomas still kind of scares me, prospectively, given that he was very much a one year success in College. Sleeper is Kelly.