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The Best Fantasy Player And Fantasy Sleeper: New York Giants

Leveraging the strength and knowledge of the SBNation, Fake Teams has paired with the individual blogger for each NFL team to bring you the edge you need to dominate your fantasy football leagues.  Each will bring their team's top fantasy player along with a fantasy sleeper.

ETVal of Big Blue View brings you fantasy tips for the New York Giants.

New York Giants Best Fantasy Player:

The Giants are not exactly a Fantasy powerhouse. They are a team that won a Super Bowl based on contributions from many sources, and a stifling defense, not individual stars. That said, I would take Brandon Jacobs as the Giants best Fantasy player. Jacobs will give you consistent yardage and, more importantly, touchdowns.

New York Giants Fantasy Sleeper:

This is a tough call. I want to say running back Ahmad Bradshaw, but with Jacobs pounding in most of the touchdowns the only way that would come to pass is if Jacobs got hurt. I would say Domenic Hixon. The health of Plaxico Burress always seems to be a question, Amani Toomer is aging and Hixon has shown in the pre-season he can be both a play-making receiver and a threat returning kickoffs and punts.