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Fantasy Football Rankings - Tier 2 Wide Receivers

Both of these tier 2 wide receivers have the chance to be the best WR in fantasy this season.  Not just a tier 1 WR, but the single best WR.  They’re both that good and that's what separates them from the Tier 3 guys.

Braylon Edwards, Cle – As Derek Anderson goes, so goes Braylon Edwards.  I believe Anderson will have another great season similar to last year’s, but if something happens to Anderson (that concussion, suckiness, whatever) then Edwards is in trouble because Brady Quinn is not ready for prime time. Assuming Anderson is fine,  I think Edwards could exceed last year’s yardage and touchdown totals, believe it or not.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arz – He plays on a bad team and has had to work with a merry-go-round of quarterbacks, and he’s STILL one of the great wide receivers in the game.  Unlike Edwards, Fitzgerald can excel with either Leinart or backup Kurt Warner, giving him a reliability that many elite fantasy WRs don’t have.  If rookie WR Early Doucet is as good as he looked in college – hell, if he’s just better than former WR Bryant Johnson – Fitzgerald may also improve on last year’s stats.