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The Best Fantasy Player And Fantasy Sleeper: Dallas Cowboys

Leveraging the strength and knowledge of the SBNation, Fake Teams has paired with the individual blogger for each NFL team to bring you the edge you need to dominate your fantasy football leagues.  Each will bring their team's top fantasy player along with a fantasy sleeper.

First up is Dallas Cowboys blogger Dave Halprin of Blogging The Boys

Dallas Cowboys Best Fantasy Player:

You could make a case for a few players. Obviously Terrell Owens is a safe pick.  Even at his age, he’s still one the most dominant WR’s in the NFL and plays for a team that scores a lot of points. Marion Barber is a touchdown machine and that was in a part-time role, this year he’s the undisputed starter. In fact, having a lot of offensive options means the Cowboys spread the wealth.

The banker handing out all that cash is Tony Romo, and he’s the Cowboys' best fantasy option. Last year he threw for over 4,000 yards and 36 TD’s and all of his weapons return plus a new one in Felix Jones. He plays behind a very good offensive line and plays in an offense that has the vertical passing game as one of its main pillars. There’s no reason to think that Romo won’t match the numbers he had last year, and, more likely, he’ll surpass them. Romo is still a young QB in actual playing time so he still has a lot of room to grow and improve.

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Sleeper:

OK, so he’s not a real sleeper since most football fans have heard of Felix Jones. But the main question people ask me when considering Cowboys players for fantasy is about the expected production of Felix Jones. My guess is he’ll get 10-12 touches a game split between runs and passes. But he’s already shown in preseason that he can turn any touch into a big play.  Multiple times, he’s taken a run or short pass and turned it into 25+ yards. He’s not a starting level RB in fantasy – MB3 will get the majority of the touches and goal line runs – but, as a backup option and as the season progresses, he might be a valuable player.