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Fantasy Football Rankings - Tier 1 Wide Receivers

I think this is going to be a tough year for fantasy wide receivers.  Quality WRs are going to miss time with suspensions, with contract disputes, with injuries and with age.  I think there are very few WRs that you can rely on – these three guys in Tier 1 are pretty much it, believe it or not.  In alphabetical order:

Randy Moss, NE – Considering he had what was probably the greatest wide receiver season in the history of the NFL, you should prepare for him to have a poorer season in 2008.  Here’s a warning: Moss finished with 7 catches for 94 yards and a touchdown in the 2007 playoffs.  That’s the total for all three games.  Good teams CAN stop him.

Terrell Owens, Dal – Some day – some day soon – I’m going to predict Terrell Owens as a fantasy bust.  But not this year.  Even though the WR2 is the underwhelming Patrick Crayton, this team has too many weapons for defenses to focus on him, and that means Owens will get his traditional 1300+ yards and 12+ touchdowns.

Reggie Wayne, Ind -  He won’t top 1500 rec yards as he did last season, but you can count on him for 1200+ and 10 touchdowns.  It doesn’t matter if Harrison comes back or not, Wayne is still going to rack up those stats.  In PPR leagues, he’s even more valuable.  Forget Moss’s big numbers and Owens’s trash talking – Wayne is the most reliable wide receiver in fantasy football.  Period.