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Fantasy Football Sleepers: Indianapolis Colts

Big Shoe Blue from Stampede Blue, the SBNation's Indianapolis Colts Blog, has a couple of Colts fantasy footballers need to know.  For more information on the panic setting in regarding Peyton Manning's knee, read this.

Here are his top two most under-rated Indianapolis Colts in fantasy football. 

Mike Hart, RB

I attended training camp, and one wrinkle I noticed in the Colts offense during practices was they had rookie RB Mike Hart in at tailback in goal-line situations with the first team offense. This means that the Colts could use Hart, and not Joseph Addai or Dominic Rhodes, as their short yardage and goal-line back.   Hart is filling a role left void by one-time Colts RB James Mungro, who was injured in 2006 is currently out of football. Mungro is best remembered for "catching" Peyton Manning's shuffle pass, then tying a record for his 48th TD of the 2004 season. Like Mungro, the Colts are using Hart on shuffle passes, screens, off-tackle  and up-the-midle runs along the goal-line. Because Hart has great hands, has a strong burst, and is very low to the ground, he could be a 6-8 total TD threat in 2008, as the Colts offense is very good moving the football. In pre-season, Hart has impressed averaging 8.4 yards a run on only 11 attempts. He has only been tackled once for a loss. If you are looking for a good late round RB, Hart might be a more attractive option than the Kevin Jones and Kevin Faulk-like players out there.

Adam Vinatieri, K

I realize kickers aren't exactly a premium, unless your league has some really exotic rules, but if you are looking for a good, solid, sleeper kicker, look no further than Vinatieri 2.0. Vinatieri reported to Colts training camp healthy for the first time in his Colts career. He has added more muscle mass and trainers have shouted with joy that he is in the best shape of his life. In training camp and pre-season, Viantieri has boomed his kicks longer than anyone has ever seen. He has been making long FGs in practice, and in pre-season he has yet to miss a kick. Last year was a down year for Vinatieri, and he seems to have used it as motivation to get better. The Colts offenses scores a lot of points  (27-plus a game), which offers up many opportunities for Vinatieri to get extra points. And with Adam healthy, he will likely make more FGs from beyond 40-45 yards this season. Look for Adam Viantieri to have a great year.