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Fantasy Football Rankings - Tier 6 Quarterbacks

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I’ve just realized that the NFL season will start before I finish reviewing QBs and WRs.  Not to mention TEs.  So I’m going to crank through these a lot faster.  Here we go, Tier 6 QBs.  They’re worth having on your team, but only as backups.  In alphabetical order

Trent Edwards, Buf – Edwards looks like he has all the tools to be a very good quarterback, but he’s going to need some experience so he probably won’t be one this season.  He might be a decent QB though, with WRs Lee Evans and James Hardy stretching the field and RB Willis McGahee Marshawn Lynch keeping defenses honest.  With a fairly weak schedule, he should be good for spot starts.

David Garrard, Jax – The Jaguars run all the time so the quarterback on this team isn’t counted on to do much. That’s good, since starting WRs Troy Williamson and Jerry Porter aren’t any good.  And Porter is injured so the next guy up is Dennis Northcutt or Reggie Williams. Ugh.  Garrard is a smart QB who doesn’t make many mistakes (only 3 INTs to 18 TDs last year) so he’d be a solid backup.

JT O’Sullivan/Alex Smith, SF – Once you find out which one of these guys will start, you can insert them into this slot.  Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz is famous for starting unknown QBs (Kurt Warner, Marc Bulger) and turning them into fantasy stars so don’t be surprised if it’s O’Sullivan. This ranking is also based on the assumption that Martz’s proclamations of “We’ll run the ball!” is garbarge and he’ll have the QB chuck the ball all over the field the way that he does. 

Vince Young, Ten – There’s no need to play the “Will VY explode this season?” game.  Until the Titans get some damn receivers, no, he won’t. The Two Justins (McCariens and Gage) might be the worst WR1-WR2 combo in the league.  Last year Young averaged less than 170 passing yards per game (that’s not a typo) and Tennessee spent a high draft pick on…a running back.  There you go.