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Fantasy Football Strategy: A WR With The 8th Pick

Last week, I heard a suggestion on The Rotowire Fantasy Sports Hour With Chris Liss that one can draft a good team at #8 by selecting WRs with your fist two picks. Given I have the 8th overall selection in an upcoming draft, I wanted to test that suggestion.

At Mock Draft Central, I did a mock draft and here are the results.  I don't think it works, do you agree?

Pos Name Bye Team Pick OA
WR Reggie Wayne 4 IND R1 8
WR Larry Fitzgerald 7 ARI R2 17
QB Drew Brees 9 NO R3 32
RB Ronnie Brown 4 MIA R4 41
RB Kevin Smith 4 DET R5 56
WR Roddy White 7 ATL R6 65
RB Chris Johnson 6 TEN R7 80
RB Chris Perry 8 CIN R8 89
QB David Garrard 7 JAX R9 104
TE Alge Crumpler 6 TEN R10 113
WR Kevin Walter 8 HOU R11 128
RB Andre Hall 8 DEN R12 137
RB Steve Slaton 8 HOU R13 152
WR DeSean Jackson 7 PHI R14 161
DEF New York Giants 4 NYG R15 176
K Stephen Gostkowski 4 NE R16 185