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QB News - Manning, Anderson, Orton, Jackson

Quarterbacks!  They run, they throw, they get injured.  And sometimes they even get promoted.  Here’s a roundup of fantasy quarterback news from the past 48 hours or so

Derek Anderson, Cle  - Suffered an apparent concussion.  Losing Anderson would cripple the Browns offense, as the backup is near-rookie Brady Quinn.  He’ll probably rest for the remainder of the preseason and then come back for Week 1 so I’m leaving him where he is on my draft list.

Kyle Orton, Chi – Won the starting job from Rex Grossman.  This is an improvement, as Orton can’t possibly be as bad as Grossman.  He probably won’t be good though and he isn’t a fantasy option right now.  This may improve the odds of success for Matt Forte a tiny bit, but it doesn’t affect anybody else.

Tarvaris Jackson, Min – Sprained his right knee.  He intends to keep playing with a brace though, so it doesn’t seem to be too bad.  With Bryant McKinnie out for four weeks, Jackson will have less protection, and this doesn’t bode well for his mobility.  With four tough defenses (Green Bay, Indy, Carolina, Tennessee) in the first four games, things could get rough early.

Peyton Manning, Ind  -- Rumors are circulating that his recovery from knee surgery is taking longer than expected, and that he may miss the season opener.  I’m sending this rumor to every owner in my league – I hope people get nervous about Manning and he slips into the mid/late second round.  Even if he DOES miss the first two games, he’s a first-round type talent for the other 14 games and I can always find a QB to fill in the first two weeks.  For example, Matt Leinart faces San Francisco and Miami the first two weeks, those are two great matchups and he’ll be available mid-draft.  I’m telling everybody I know about how Manning is hurt -- tell your friends!