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Fantasy Baseball: Maddux traded to Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers traded for Greg Maddux to bolster their starting staff for a playoff run. It is not know who SD received in return, but based on recent stories out of SD, it could be for cash, as their owner is involved in a bitter divorce.

This from

With Brad Penny back on the disabled list, the Dodgers were close to acquiring the 42-year-old Maddux on Monday for two players to be named, although a club spokesman quoted Colletti as saying the deal was not complete.

I can only hope these are two low-level prospects we have never heard of.

The writing was on the wall when Brad Penny went down with a shoulder injury last week, followed by Joe Torre's comments that he didn't expect Penny back this season. Maddux brings a 6-9 record with a 3.99 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP. The future HOFer will strengthen a pretty solid starting rotation that includes Chad Billingsley, Derek Lowe, Clayton Kershaw and Hiroki Kuroda. Ned Colletti has made comments recently that Penny could come back to help in the bullpen....Jonathon Broxton better watch his back.

ESPN's Rob Neyer is speculating that Colletti traded for Maddux to not only help in their playoff run, but to save Kershaw's arm for addition innings should the Dodgers make the playoffs. Smart move for Colletti, but we don't know what he gave up yet.

In other news, the Miami Herald reported this weekend that the Florida Marlins may consider trading some of their arbitration eligible hitters in the off-season. The list includes Josh Willingham, Cody Ross, Jeremy Hermida and Mike Jacobs.

John Perrotto from Baseball Prospectus reported this weekend that the Marlins are considering calling up uber-prospect Cameron Maybin by Augist 31st as they want him on their playoff roster should they win the NL East or the wildcard. With that starting rotation, they just might. Wtih news that Florida may deal one or more of their arbitration eligible OFers in the offseason, Maybin may be handed the starting CF job in spring training.

The Mets made a minor trade this weekend acquiring reliever Luis Ayala from the Nationals. Could this be a precursor to a deal for a closer now that Billy Wagner is not coming off the DL, and could be out for the season? Dan O'Dowd are you listening? Omar, what are you waiting for? A deal could start with Aaron Heilman.

Ken Rosenthal from Foxsports reported this weekend that the Rockies are almost certain to deal Matt Holliday in the offseason. One who could benefit from this trade is Ryan Spilborghs. He was hitting 6-33-32-7-.314-.420-.914 in 185 ABs before getting hurt on July 9th. With talk that Colorado was listening to offers for Willy Taveras, Spilborghs and Seth Smith could be breakout candidates in 2009.