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Yahoo! AutoDraft Strategy

A couple days ago, I signed-up for an autodraft league at Yahoo!.  I wanted to see what my roster would look like if I played a lot of hunches and set-up the first 35 selections to get me a couple RBs, a QB, Wrs and a TE.  In order for this to work, I would need to rank players at the various positions much higher than thier Yahoo! rankings.

What the autodraft does is fills each active position with the top-rated player on the rankings list at that position.  With a standard set-up, each team gets a QB, 2 RBs and WRs, and a TE.

Here are my pre-draft rankings that reflect this strategy.  What do you think?

1. Adrian Peterson
2. LaDainian Tomlinson
3. Brian Westbrook
4. Joseph Addai
5. Marion Barber
6. Marshawn Lynch
7. Frank Gore
8. Reggie Wayne
9. Braylon Edwards
10. Randy Moss
11. Clinton Portis
12. Maurice Jones-Drew
13. Steven Jackson
14. Tom Brady
15. Darren McFadden
16. Drew Brees
17. Terrell Owens
18. Peyton Manning
19. Ryan Grant
20. Brandon Jacobs
21. Michael Turner
22. Larry Fitzgerald
23. Marques Colston
24. Brandon Marshall
25. Andre Johnson
26. Tony Romo
27. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
28. Chad Johnson
29. Plaxico Burress
30. Antonio Gates
31. Thomas Jones
32. Jason Witten
33. Santonio Holmes
34. Calvin Johnson
35. Kellen Winslow