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2008 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Results

I participated in my 1st mock draft of the fantasy football season at Mock Draft Central this morning. The decision to do so was spur of the moment, and I barely had an idea of whch players I wanted later in the draft i.e. sleepers and who could be decent (800 yards) WRs to fill-out a couple of bench spots.

I selected third and hoped for Minnesota Vikings' RB Adrian Peterson to drop to me. Despite several touts claiming Philadelphia Eagles' Brian Westbrook as the second-best fantasy RB, Peterson was not available. Westbrook was, so I took him. Coming back, I decided to grab a top WR and see what was there in the third round.

Could this be the year Jacksonville RB Fred Taylor finally succumbs to age? My guess is it will be. I grabbed Maruice Jones-Drew on that hunch. What's the worst case scenario if it is wrong? 10 TDs?

The rest of my draft continued with a risk-taking/playing-hunches kind of draft. I'm not convinced it works, but I know it makes my initial team more interesting because it is filled with players I think will do well while not being a slave to the analytical side of a game, which frankly, doesn't lend itself well to the statisical measurements that baseball and basketball do.

Here is the team I drafted in my 1st go-round in prepping for the 2008 fantasy football season.

Pick OA Pos Name Team Bye
R1 3 RB Brian Westbrook PHI 7
R2 17 WR Larry Fitzgerald ARI 7
R3 23 RB Maurice Jones-Drew JAX 7
R4 37 QB Drew Brees NO 9
R5 43 WR Calvin Johnson DET 4
R6 57 WR Lee Evans BUF 6
R7 63 TE Jeremy Shockey NO 9
R8 77 RB DeAngelo Williams CAR 9
R9 83 QB Brett Favre NYJ 5
R10 97 WR Patrick Crayton DAL 10
R11 103 RB Chris Johnson TEN 6
R12 117 WR Devin Hester CHI 8
R13 123 WR Robert Meachem NO 9
R14 137 K Phil Dawson CLE 5
R15 143 DEF Tennessee Titans TEN 6