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NFL Pre-Season Notes: Does Darren McFadden Compare To Who?

Week One of the NFL Pre-Season is almost complete.  With the first teamers barely playing, definitive conclusions are not possible, but here are some notable stats that offer something to watch in Week Two.

Philadelphia Eagles:
Rookie WR DeSean Jackson had five receptions for 51 yards.  Will he be one of multiple receviers QB Donovan McNabb will target?

Pittsburgh Steelers:
1st round pick, RB Rashard Mendenhall, had 7 carries for 34 yards.  Fast Willie Parker's ADp may be about to plunge.  I'm not sure whether that represents a buying opportunity or not.

Oakland Raiders:
The team rushed for 248 yards, and rookie RB Darren McFadden had 12 carries and 48 yards.  If those rushing yards are indicative of the team's 2008 offensive plans, then McFadden should be valued the same way Jacksonville's Maruice Jones-Drew was in last year's drafts.

Detroit Lions:
Does the season-edning injury to Stanley Wilson weaken the defense enough to make the Lions a pass-dependent team or does the lack of a running game do that?  2nd-year WR Calvin Johnson caught 4 passes for 78 yards.

New York Jets:
WR David Clowney had 4 receptions for 163 yards with two TDs.  With no obvious third receiving option for Brett Favre, he bears watching.

Tennessee Titans:
Chris Johnson had 77 yards rushing with a 66 yard TD.  Is he the next Jerrious Norwood?  Or what fantasy footballers hoped Norwood would become?  The team rushed for 340 yards so I expect him to be 100% drafted by month's end.

St. Louis Rams:
The team allowed 340 rushing yards to Tennessee.  Steven Jackson owners have one more thing to worry about.  The Rams may be playing from behind and doing so with from the wrong side of the time-of-possession clock.