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If you're playing Roto style fantasy you know that one steal or one strikeout could mean the difference between winning and second place.   Take it from my Brother-in-Law who ended up tied for first in our league last year.  One more save or HR would have won it for him.  You think either of those could have been found one the wire during 1 of the 180ish days of the season?  Heck ya.  So at bats and quality innings really matter.  Monday's and Thursday's you should be picking up players to fill out your lineups.  

We've also reached the point in the season where player's home/road, lefty/righty splits have built up enough at-bats to really matter if they're drastic enough.

So here are a handful of players who may be available in your league that can make a difference to your team down the stretch by playing the match-ups.

Mike Cameron - Home - .194/.270/.361, Road - .250/.349/.539 with 11hr in 152 ab's

Fred Lewis - Home - .333/.396/.530, Road - .215/.298/.356, Righties - .836 OPS with all 7 of his HR's.  Against Lefties - .608 OPS

Jose Guillen - Lefties - .297/.343/.574, Righties - .246/.266/.397

Jason Kubel - 1 HR against lefties with .538 OPS, 12 HR's against righties with a .840 OPS 

Eric Hinske - might lose time due to the Jason Bay trade . . . .oh wait, nevermind.  Plays almost exclusively against righties where he has 14 hr's and a .905 OPS

Marcus Thames - Throughout his career he's never played as well during day games.  This year the split's are more extreme.  Day - hitting .212 with a .684 OPS, Night - hitting .285 with 15 HR's and a 1.040 OPS

Ramon Vazquez - Has a full time gig with Hank Blalock on the DL.  There's a reason he's never had a full time job for a complete year though.  His lifetime OPS against lefties is .484!  That's in 341 ab's.    He loves the righties this year though, .337/.405/.518!  In many leagues he's 2B, SS, 3B eligible so you should be able to find a spot for him against righties.

Bill Hall - If Ramon Vazquez played for the Brewers they could have elite 3B production because Bill Hall is killing lefties to the tune of .350/.416/.620.  Righties . . . not so much .168/.228/.322

Gerald Laird - He still can't believe he didn't get traded today with 3 other major league catchers around him.  Even with the log jam expect him to get the starts against righties - .343/.395/.483.  In 51 ab's against lefties this year he has 1 rbi.  He's also hitting .404 in the day time with an OPS at 1.013.  It's a little quirky but, get him in there.

Jamie Moyer - It's pretty obvious but Moyer's ERA at home is 4.70 and 3.05 on the road.

Nick Blackburn - Home 3-1, 2.70/1.22, Road  2-4, 4.48/1.32.  Also his K/BB is above 3.5/1 overall

Dave Bush - Before today's tough outing at home his Home line read  4-2, 2.85/.99.  On the road you don't even want to know.  Don't even look it up, trust me.