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Missing The Boat: NFL Rookies Holding Out

ESPN's James Walker had a great article about how key NFL rookies are holding out, and how even a short holdout could (will?) destroy their 2008 season.   JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn are the most recent poster boys for this knucklehead tactic, but it happens every year.   Complain about how much money Matt Ryan is making, but at least he's at camp practicing.

Not counting the Bears' RB Matt Forte, who is listed in the article but had recently signed a deal, the article covers two guys with immediate fantasy impact: Ravens' QB Joe Flacco and Dolphins QB Chad Henne.

While it's possible Flacco could take over the starting job in Baltimore, Henne has a serious opportunity to be the Dolphins QB. 

Henne was inconsistent during spring practices and thus has fallen behind both Josh McCown and John Beck. A contract holdout would all but seal Henne's fate as a backup this season.

But the Dolphins were 1-15 last year and need all the talent they can get in training camp. Top pick Jake Long is signed and Henne should be the next priority. At the very least, Henne has the ability to push McCown and Beck to become better quarterbacks this summer.

I liked Henne when he was drafted, and with the underwhelming competition he has in Miami there's no reason he couldn't be the starter.  Holding out on a contract isn't the way to do that though, and once you miss your chance it's often very, very difficult to get another one.  Just ask Brady "Bench" Quinn.