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MLB Trade Rumors: Do The Dodgers Need An Ace Or A SS More?

Ken Rosenthal follows-up yesterday C.C. Sabathia-to-Milwaukee news with news that the Los Angeles Dodgers are in the hunt for C.C. However, the team is conflicted as their pursuit of Pirates' SS Jack Wilson involves some of the same prospects they'd need to incude in a Sabathia deal.

So, do the Dodgers need a half-season of an ace more than two years of a no power/good glove SS? Adding Wilson will certainly improve the Dodgers' current cast of SS options, but he isn't going to bring the noise the offense needs at the plate. Even with Wilson, I don't see the Dodgers breaking out of the low-scoring doldrums that offense provides.

With an ace, though, the Dodgers will be able to keep the opposing team from scoring runs. With the 2nd best bullpen ERA in the NL at 2.97 and 3rd best starter ERA, the addition of Sabathia makes the Dodgers' strengths stronger. Because the Dodgers' rank 13th in starters' innings, adding C.C. will improve the team in that stat and preserve the overworked bullpen as the season heads into the dog days of summer.

When can we expect any of this to be resolved? This is the most interesting part of Mr. Rosenthal's report. He writes, "His next start is Tuesday, but several baseball people expect he will be traded before then."

Tom Hardicourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel leads one to believe Brewers' GM Doug Melvin told him what the Brewer's offer is.

"If the Brewers' latest offer is accepted, it's my understanding that it would include top prospect Matt LaPorta, minor-league third baseman Taylor Green and probably another prospect, perhaps outfielder Lorenzo Cain."